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Jesus on Every Page

I just received my copy of Jesus on Every Page by David Murray.  I highly recommend it to all who want to understand how to read the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, with a view to Christ.  Here’s my endorsement:

Much has been written for seminary students and pastors on interpreting all of Scripture with a view to Christ.  Unfortunately, very little has been written with the average Christian in mind.  In Jesus on Every Page, David Murray sets out to correct this deficiency by sharing his own journey of discovery and providing ten simple ways to see Christ in the Old Testament.  No longer is the person in the pew left to wonder how the preacher got to Jesus from that text in Leviticus about dietary restrictions; she will be able to make the connections herself.  I hope you will read Jesus on Every Page and embark on your own “Emmaus road” and discover that the entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments, tells the story of Jesus.

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Hola hermano.
sus comentarios son de gran edificación. Me pregunto si 9Marks esté en español. Sabe algo al respecto?
Gracias, Dios le bendiga.

Diego Cardona, pastor en Medellin Colombia


Si Hermano!
9Marks tiene una pagina web:

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