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We want to remind our High Pointe family that this Sunday, January 13, we will begin gathering at new times.  As noted above, we will gather at 10:00 on Sunday mornings and 5:00 on Sunday evenings.  We pray this schedule will bless our church family.

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How are we who consider the glory of God as the chief end of man to serve God’s people?

In A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers (page 65), Don Carson suggests that if we long to further the interests of our Lord, we must realize that his “interests are tied to the well-being of his people.”  It is entirely appropriate, then, to ask, “What is best for the people of God?”  Yet, we need to understand how to ask that question in the context of the priority of the glory of God.  Here’s Carson’s answer:

In the teaching of Jesus, the first command is to love God with heart and soul and mind and strength; the second is to love one’s neighbor as oneself (Matt. 22:37-40).  Jesus does not suggest that the two commands are identical.  Far from it: he enumerates two commands and sets them out in terms of their relative priorities: first and second. . . .

. . . So while love for God and love for brothers must not be equated, there is an important sense in which the former can be tested by the latter.  When we live up to our calling, we remember that in God’s church people do not set the agenda, they are the agenda.  Our allegiance to God and his gospel will be demonstrated in our service to his people, to those who will become his people, to those made in his image.

It is in this sense that Christians must be constantly asking what is best for the people of God.  Our allegiance to Jesus Christ, our confession of him as Lord, entails a profound commitment to further his interests–and it does not take much reading of Scripture to perceive that his interests are tied to the well-being of his people.  Moreover, if we joyfully confess the lordship of Christ, then when we ask what is best for people our answers will be cast in terms of what he thinks is best for people, not necessarily what people think is best for themselves.

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High Pointe Preaching Schedule
Pastor Juan Sanchez

Mini-Series: True Righteousness

December 16
True Righteousness: Urgently Pursuing Peace in an Evil World
Matthew 5:21-26


January 6
True Righteousness: Radically Fighting Against Sin & Temptation in a Lust-Filled World
Matthew 5:27-30

January 13
True Righteousness: Faithfully Reflecting the Divine Marriage in a No-Fault Divorce World
Matthew 5:31-32

January 20
True Righteousness: Continually Walking in Truth & Integrity in a Dishonest World
Matthew 5:33-37

January 27
True Righteousness: Patiently Awaiting Divine Justice in a Vigilante World
Matthew 5:38-42

February 3
True Righteousness: Vulnerably Reflecting the Love of the Father in a Hate-Filled World
Matthew 5:43-48

Mini-Series: True Religion
February 10
True Religion: Giving so as to Receive Our Father’s Reward
Matthew 6:1-4

February 17
True Religion: Praying so as to Receive Our Father’s Hearing
Matthew 6:5-13

February 24
True Religion: Forgiving so as to Receive Our Father’s Forgiveness
Matthew 6:14-15

March 3
True Religion: Fasting so as to Receive Our Father’s Food
Matthew 6:16-18

March 10
True Religion: Investing so as to Receive Our Father’s Inheritance
Matthew 6:19-34

Mini-Series: Kingdom Living in a Foreign World
March 17
Kingdom Living in a Foreign World: Be Discerning without Being Judgmental
Matthew 7:1-6

March 24
Kingdom Living in a Foreign World: Ask Our Father for the Things You Need
Matthew 7:7-12

March 31 (Easter)
Kingdom Living in a Foreign World: Two Paths that Lead to Two Different Destinies
Matthew 7:13-28

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